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    The pea coat. In fact, the Farley Ice N Go starter kits even come with an instruction video. The first area of interest when making a winter forecast is the region of sea surface temperatures (SSTs) in the equatorial pacific which has been shown to have significant impacts on our weather. Draped in snow and framed by a blazing blue sky, it hard to fathom the unpredictable and lethal potency of such sublime beauty. Remember that heat also escapes through floors, windows, and wall cavities so it's a good idea to insulate where you can. Apply it directly on the skin to get relief. While still served slightly chilled, it a perfect match for seafood or shellfish, or for when you want to just nibble some cheese in front of the fire. And in the northwest town of Woodward, Okla., heavy snow caused a roof to collapse, killing one person inside the home.
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